What is Teens 4 Pink?

Teens 4 Pink (T4P) is a national interactive, multi-level initiative of Sisters Network Inc. designed to educate teen girls, ages 12-16, on the importance of breast health and equip them to become breast health ambassadors and leaders for women in their families and communities. T4P consists of pre and post testing, a general PowerPoint presentation on breast health and an outreach component. The presentation focuses on breast cancer awareness, breast self-exams, the importance of mammograms, and women taking responsibility for their health.

What is the purpose of Teens 4 Pink?

African American women diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to die from the disease than white women; and are less likely to survive for 5 years after diagnosis. Breast cancer is the most common cancer with the highest death rate among African American women. T4P empowers teens with breast health information that can equip them with the necessary facts to share with their families and communities to increase awareness. This is based on the premise that Teens can have a significant impact on the dynamics of their families through the bi-directional aspect of relationships between adolescents and their family members.

What is a Pink Ambassador?

A Pink Ambassador is a teen who has completed the educational sessions, pre and post testing, conducted the Family Interviews and community service hours. The Family Interview is the outreach component where teens interview the women in their families who are biological relatives. Pink Ambassadors are recognized at a special closing ceremony and receive a distinctive gift for their participation.

Teens 4 Pink Allied Health and STEM Career Program

T4P participants will receive the opportunity to learn and be introduced to careers in Allied Health and Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) careers by participating in College fairs, job shadowing, role modeling, mentoring, career fairs, symposiums and field trips.

How to participate in T4P?

Contact a T4P Coordinator or Sisters Network Inc. headquarters.

What will you gain by participating with Teens 4 Pink?

  • Career Development
  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership Skills